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It is such a great pleasure to meet someone like Wally. He is the most helpful person i have dealt with in crested geckos. He never hesitates to help and always responds to any questions in a very timely manne. The quality and health of his animals is like non I've ever seen. His reds are the most beautiful out of any I have seen available. His prices for his animals are very reasonable. I have boughten numerous animals from Wally in the past and I am more than pleased with the color size and health of all the animals. I am looking forward to getting more of his beautiful cresteds in the very near future, and if your looking for amazing crested geckos you should definately contact Wally. Thank you Wally for the amazing animals I got from you
Posted By: Anthony Accardo
Wally, From the very beginning, you have been more than willing to answer all of our questions, either in person or by directing us to your educational online videos...... The geckos that we purchased from you are top quality and were recieved healthy and handlable from the start. The supplies you offer are reasonably priced with orders received quickly and neatly packaged. We would like for you, and all who assist you at Supreme Gecko, to know that your dedication to the industry, to your animals, and to your customers is oustanding and very much appreciated. Definitely, the go to place for all our gecko needs. Thanks so much. Kim and Gil of GKgeckos.
Posted By: Kimberly Boles
Wally, I love the gecko I chose from you. As you know, she is a gargoyle gecko named Roxanne. She is doing great, it's only been 4 days and she is eating her food. I plan on giving her some crickets pretty soon. Roxanne is very friendly for a new gecko. She chirps alot for some reason, but I think it is pretty cool. I look forward to taking care of her and I will continue to purchase gecko food from you. You have helped me out a great deal by answering all my questions and for that I am grateful. Go Wally and go Supreme Gecko!
Posted By: Benny Garbacz
When I first went to reptile Wally and Supreme Gecko looked like just another vender but I was totally wrong after buying a couple leopard geckos from wally I got some crested from other people and Wally has been more helpful than anyone to me in helping me. He responds faster and more in depth than the people I brought these from. I recomend Supreme to anyone interested in a gecko and/or information about them. Thanks so much Wally
Posted By: Lukas Burke
The first reptile we got from Wally was a crested gecko...upon taking it home, on the first day, my daughter scared him and he lost his tail. I emailed Wally frantic, and he assured me he would be fine and proceeded to calm me and really give me support that I didn't expect from a stranger. Next thing I knew, my two "male" leopard geckos laid eggs...again I turned to Wally, and again he gave me great advise. Then I had a leopard gecko egg that wouldn't hatch, I decided to rip it out of it's egg (turned out well thankfully), and again I turned to Wally. Then I had a friends gecko that wasn't eating, again I turned to Wally. See the pattern here? Any reptile question I've ever had, I've turned to Wally and he has NEVER let me down...he always responds so quickly, and with such a caring nature. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate all the help and advise you have given me over the years, Wally! You are not someone who does this for money, you care about these reptiles more than anyone else I have ever seen at these Reptile Shows. Keep up the great work, Wally! I'm sure I'll be emailing you soon for more advise!! Jenny Jurek
Posted By: Jenny Jurek
Before ever even buying a gecko from Wally, he has given us tons of advice on louping, feeding, breeding, etc. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share with others. We were very excited to add our first Supreme Gecko to the crew in October after pre-ordering her for NARBC pikcup. She is absolutely beautiful and we cannot wait to see what comes of her next year. Chris (Wally's son) showed me a gargoyle that day... having never liked gargoyles, I was hesitant to even look, but he was adorable. I came back later that day and bought him. The customer experience with Supreme Gecko cannot be compared others, they easily the competition. The geckos are well cared for and stunning. If you don't have a Supreme Gecko in your collection, you need to!
Posted By: Teresa & Ryan Vemmer
Hi, my name is Jeremy Browning of out of this world exotics i ahve had alot of experience with reptiles not with leopard geckos though and actually i got my first as a NORMAL juvie from him. It was a fairly inexpensive animal, when i took it home however it ahd a minor health problem. i emailed Wally i and never so fast have i seen someone respond. If he was just in it for money he wouldent respond as it was just a 15$ leo but he responded very quickly with advice and eve offered to replace it , However the issue went away (im guessing it had some thing wrong with the care of it as it was with me as im new to leos) so it was great to see someone who cares
Posted By: Jeremy Browning
Hi, my name is Shannon and I just brought home a new Crested Gecko for my son for Christmas this afternoon. Wally and Nannette have ben absolutely wnderful!! They have answered so many of my questions and countless emails this past week. I can not say how much I have appreciated the knowledege he and his family has on these wonderful little creatures! Thank you so much for this wonderful little guy and for all your patience!!! We will be back for another one for me!! If anyone is looked for and Gecko I will tell them that you are the one to come to!! Thanks again Shannon
Posted By: Shannon Fagan
I ordered a crested gecko and when the delivery date came I was so excited I waited all day for the little guy. It was super fast shipping!! When I received my crested gecko he jumped right out of the container and it took me a minute to catch him. He is really healthy and in great condition. I had emailed Wally with several questions and he responded fast and thoroughly answered all of them. I am very impressed with his customer service and I will definately reccomend him to anyone looking for a crested gecko. :)
Posted By: Caleb McNairn
What a wonderful couple to do business with! I ordered my leopard gecko and immediately got an email letting me know what the shipping plans would be. Even when the mail ran behind with the delivery, Wally and Nanette put me at ease by finding out exactly where my gecko was and when she would be arriving to me! She arrived and I was amazed at how much more vibrant she was in person. And I couldn't have asked for a more docile and sweet gecko! Thank you Supreme Gecko!
Posted By: Meghan Hughes

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