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I just want to thank Wally for taking time out of his travels from Illinois to Wisconsin from a show to meet with me and deliver a gecko that I purchased from another breeder. He did not have to do it but being Wally, he did. This was probably 2 years ago and I apologize for not writing this sooner, but I never forgot and I appreciate what he did for me. Every time I see him at a show, whether it be SEWERFEST or NARBC he always says hello and we talk about our animals. I also purchased a male Enigma from him in 2010 as a juvenile and he turned out to be a beautiful problem free gecko. I have nothing but great experiences with Wally and Supremegecko and hope to continue to see him at shows and enjoy viewing his awesome geckos. If I ever decide to buy a Crested Gecko, it will be from him. Again, thank you Wally.
Posted By: Andrew Handeland
I purchased two female pictus geckos from Wally back in January. I had never dealt with these animals before and Wally was eager to answer all of my questions about the species. While I was waiting for the weather to be up to par with his shipping, he helped me make sure I would be ready for my geckos when they arrived. Back in June, I bought a male from Wally and he sent me the perfect one. Now that I'm breeding my animals, Wally is helping me with everything that I need. He's given me advice and answered all of my questions, giving me more information than I had expected (which is always good!). Throughout the months that I've owned my animals, he's helped me with every little issue I've come across. He really knows his animals well and is great to work with, answering emails quickly. I know for a fact that any issue I face with these animals, Wally will be there to help me through it all and if I ever want another animal, I won't bother with any other breeders. I will always go to Wally and purchase my animals from him, as they always show up happy and healthy. Thank you for all of your past assistance and I thank you for all of the help you'll give in the future!
Posted By: Deanna W
I own different types of reptiles, and really liked the look of the crested geckos on this website. I had made a mistake on my order and they were kind enough to email me and let me know. My order came this morning and all three of the cresteds were beautiful and wealthy looking. I would definitely use this website in the future.
Posted By: Jacqui LoConte

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