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Ibity ground gecko


This species is endemic to Madagascar where it is known from two massifs, Ibity (Jackman et al. 2008) and Itremo, in the central highlands.  It is known to occur from 1,600 m asl. and its range may extend to the tops of the massifs, above 2,000 m.  It has an estimated extent of occurrence of 2,997 km².
Paroedura ibityensis - Female (gravid)


This gecko inhabits low elevation humid and deciduous forest, in both disturbed and intact sites. It has also been found in plantations.  Paroedura ibityensis grow to a length of about 3" and maximum age is unknow.



Unlike the general care of Paroedura pictua, which are similarly terrestrial in nature as well, P. ibityensis enjoy more climbing and perching.  We offer plenty of hiding places using overturned plant saucers with notches, cork bark and fake plastic plants.  As well, climbing objects such as branches , bamboo, and again cork bark offer ample 'scouting' areas for the geckos.


P. ibityensis do best with temps in the low 80s but like many geckos enjoy a warm spot.  We keep about 20 % of the enclousre in the low 90s.  We do this with heat tape (flexwatt) but you can provide belly heat with UTH (under the tank heat strip).


Water and Humidity

While these geckos do not need extremely high humidity/damp substrate, they do prefer a misting and water dish in the enclosure.

 Paroedura ibityensis

Paroedura ibityensis - Male

Feeding / Nutrition

For our adults, we provide a supply of 3/4 inch crickets and a very occasional mealworm.  Feeder insects are of course dusted witha  calcium / multi-vitamin dust.


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Hatchling Care

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